• No inquiry, No username and No password is require; just Tap the phone, insert coins and get Sunner WiFi.
  • No need for supervision. Self-service  working method to save labor cost.
  • Excellent coin-leaning ability  to recognize your local coins and discriminate fake coins

  • Venue owners can display advertisement for  their product on the login  page for  better  promotion  or  show  ads  for  other product to get income. 

  • Visitors  can  check  / send  email,  browse  websites,  and  use high-speed VPN to connect enterprise network from any  WiFi enabled laptop, PDA, smart mobile phone or handheld device. 


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  • Dear Valued Clients and Business Partners, Please be informed that our customer service helpline number 1 700 8190 30 has been changed to 010 930 7616 and 010 930 7615. Sorry for the inconvenience....